Construction Cleaning Prosper

After finishing up your commercial construction, and even during the process, Dream Team Janitorial can remove waste and recycling and keep your site safe and free of any hazards. Once the building is all done, we come in to put on the final touches, dusting, scrubbing, washing, and polishing each detail to your high standards.

Our affordable pricing coupled with our highly accredited cleaning staff make it easy to meet and exceed your expectations without crushing your wallet. Large or small, residential or commercial, we take our responsibility for your new build cleaning services seriously. Each of our licensed techs is insured and bonded. We provide extensive training and background checks as well as regular quality checks and supervision.

Totally Immaculate Construction Cleaning Services

Paying close attention to safety and keeping our staff trained up to date is a top priority for us as we are working on your job site. After decades of helping businesses put the finishing touches on new construction of all varieties, we can safely say there are no other construction cleaning services like us. The depth of our knowledge covers:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Lunch areas
  • Break rooms
  • Offices
  • Common areas
  • Displays
  • Waste and recycling management
  • Entrances
  • Stairwells
  • Elevators and escalators
  • High dusting, lighting, and fixture cleaning
  • Garages
  • Floor finishing
  • Windows

Getting it right for you is in the small details. We will move through each room methodically removing all dust particles, marks, scuffs, and signs of contractors quickly and efficiently.

New Construction Cleaning Makes Your Flooring Shine

Dust, debris and other allergens can accumulate on recently installed items like fireplaces, baseboards and especially carpets and flooring. A good polishing and carpet cleaning is exactly what your space needs to get that brand-new look and feel you’ve been waiting for. Choose from a variety of affordably priced new construction cleaning that focuses on making your floors look radiant. This includes:

  • Vacuuming services
  • Spot-treating carpets
  • Carpet cleaning to remove dust
  • Tile and grout treatments
  • Polishing hard floors
  • Re-waxing
  • Buffing

No Other Construction Cleanup Companies Wash Windows to Our High Standards

Let the natural light flow into your gorgeous new space and remove residue, grime, and streaks from installation on the inside, and on the outside. We’ve got the tools, safety training and equipment to reach windows at all heights with ease, from high rise to mid-level, ground floor and even tricky to reach areas. We clean glass, sills, hardware, frames, blinds, and window coverings remarkably quickly. Find out how we do this without cutting any corners during a free consultation.

Construction Site Cleaning That Goes the Extra Mile for You

By now, you may be starting to realize that even by Prosper’s high standards, we’re no ordinary cleaning agency. Our commitment to you extends beyond regular construction site cleaning duties including:

  • Recycling of electronics
  • Junk removal
  • Debris, garbage collection, and removal
  • Air duct, vents, and heater cleaning
  • Demolition waste removal

To request an appointment for a free consultation with Prosper’s flawless construction cleaning crew, give our office a call today.