Commercial Cleaning & Building Maintenance MVPs

Commercial Cleaning/Janitorial Services

In the fast-paced game of “business” our all-star team is ready to deliver a slam dunk! From the tip-off to the game winning shot, Dream Team Commercial Services is ready to show businesses of all calibers the importance of being a team player ready for championship performance. Whether a Fortune 500 company with hundreds of employees or a local gym just starting out, it is our commitment to be the best defensive player against dirt, grime, and dust!

Day Porter

Shopping Center Maintenance

Grounds Keeper

Post Construction Cleaning

Dream Team Commercial Services is ready to offer the final buzzer beater for your post construction projects! Our team of professionals will leave no space unguarded to ensure an MVP worthy performance. Sweeping away debris, tackling the grime and dust and conquering those hard-to-reach corners are the game plan you need to wrap up your construction season!


Are you ready for a slam dunk for your painting projects in your commercial and residential sites? Well Dream Team Commercial Services has a dynamic game plan to transform your space into a winning masterpiece. Our team’s precision, quality, and timelines are sure to leave you and your clients cheering for more.

Accent Walls: Paint or Designs

Floor Maintenance

Home court advantage is a big deal, and we want to make sure we help you maximize performance by protecting your surfaces from scratches, scuffs, and debris that can become permanent problems. Dream Team Commercial Services can provide you with service plans for any surface type or even remove or install new flooring, changing the game completely.

Interior Wall Repair and Buildouts

Dream Team Commercial Services is the ultimate playmaker for your renovation screens. Wall repairs, demolitions or relocations are no competition for us. We ensure structural integrity, precise execution and superior clean-up to stay in the zone.

Pressure & Power Washing

Let us eliminate the fouls of your outdoor spaces with our pressure and power washing services! Whether the entry or parking lot, our team has the technique and tools to deliver a power play! Call us and refuse to let oil buildup and dirt take free throws on your court.

Window Cleaning

Don’t let dirty windows create a technical foul on your space. Dream Team Commercial Services window cleaning packages are sure to have your exterior generate a wave plus a standing ovation. Our team can provide a one time clean or quarterly schedules to keep you in rotation.

Handyman Services

Score BIG with our handyman services! Our team is ready to offer tasks from lightbulb and ceiling tile replacement to fast breaks like lock/door replacements. There is no task too big or too small, our bench is ready for playing time!

Whether you're looking to hire our team on an ongoing basis or one time service, we're pleased to accommodate you—dial (469) 450-1654 to book an appointment today.

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